Investor relations
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Dear investor,

Brim is a highly-investable industry challenger brand. We are an early-stage impact-tech startup in the ad-tech and media-tech space. We are here to disrupt the marketing industry and create new opportunities in the impact space across the entire impact spectrum: all Agenda 2030 goals. Join us and be the part of a global revolution in marketing and impact.

This startup is backed up by a strong team of marketers, entrepreneurs, and impact practitioners. We have a collective passion for driving positive impactful change and shaking up legacy systems that no longer serve our planet or its people. We have been frustrated with the way marketing works and know we can change it for the better!

Aiming to raise SEK 5M by Sept 2021 to launch the platform in Jan 2022 and take it to Series A by Aug 2022 for international expansion.

Investor credentials important to Brim:


– Belief in building an industry-challenger brand

– Passion to make the world a better place

– Time to devote as a mentor to the startup team

– Experience of international scaling

– Willingness to follow-on in later rounds


Each selected investor will need to sign the Brim Charter For Impact.

Proud reciever of the Vinnova Innovations grant 2021